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Customer Engagement

This series builds mastery in communicating with a wide range of customers, including building trust, influencing and protecting your wellbeing while you work. It's comprised of these courses:-

  • Language carries energy
  • Dirty words
  • Take accountability
  • Power of empathy & mindset
  • Empathy in reducing conflict
  • Conflict & our headspace
  • Objection Handling Techniques
$350.00ex GST
per user


This series is designed to help staff become masters of collections and hardship conversations to balance the needs of the business with those of the customer. It's comprised of these courses:-

  • Collection Concepts
  • Vulnerability
  • Neutral language
  • Asking for the money
  • Questioning techniques
  • Maximising payments
  • Selling benefits
$350.00ex GST
per user


Bundle both series:-

  • Customer Engagement
  • Collections

to receive a discount of 20%

$540.00ex GST
per user